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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Venus Dialogues: "Forever New" with Mr. Complex

Visitors to Planet Venus, I am excited to have connected with Mr. Complex to hear about his long awaited project "Forever New". 

What inspires you to create music?
I need a beat to make me move. It has to be more than just a head nod. My back has to get into it. Then I envision being on stage or something exciting. Then the lyrics come out.

What is your latest project entitled? Why?
The latest album is called "Forever New". I make timeless music. I feel at times I'm a ahead of my time and I've never been in a position to where I reach the world all at once. So when people eventually find my music, it will be new to them even if its 20 years later

What is the vibe of this album? 
Its nice range of pure hiphop. I have a mix narratives, word play, a couple of conscious joints, even love songs, well semi love.

How is this project different from ones that you have done in the past? 
This is definitely grown man rap. I have some relationship songs that I really let you feel the pain. The flows are more mastered than from my early records. I'm still just having fun. You can hear the love in my voice.

Are there any collabs (lyricists, producers, etc.) you would like to mention?
This album has one producer, Mortal 1. Strong history with this one. High school buddy that never participated in any studio work when we began straight after school running with Organized Konfusion, as matter of fact he's also Prince Po's cousin. But, he joined the work force and retired early and got into producing late in the game. I have a few features, quite a few female vocalist Maya Azucena, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Anna Simpson, Tiye Phoenix. Then Sadat X, Prince Po, OC, Truth Enola, General DV, and a few others.

What are your favorite record(s) right now on the album?
really like "Gotta Get Home", "Then was Then", and "King Kong Love"

Where can hip hop heads buy the album? What formats (i.e. MP3, CD, vinyl)?
Digitally available after May 30th. Also, available on CD.

Any upcoming concerts/performances?
I have a NYC album release party may 31 at the Delancey. I have a few more shows at the end of the month june 28 @spirit in Pittsburgh. July 1 Saratoga NY looking for more

Are there other projects that you are working on that you would like to mention (music, film, otherwise)?

I have 5 feature scripts but I'm also finishing up a doc called "She should be on the radio" @ssbotr  on IG

What's your official web/social media site(s)?  and @plexplexplex on IG and twitter and Facebook

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