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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tricrotic Logic

I leave my past.
My present greets me.
I ignore him reaching out to the future that is not.

My timeline deceives me.

This existence keeps me grounded.
My perception, a hindrance.
An unfortunate coincidence of circumstances of incidence.

My reticence to express, keeps me in this place.

I am stuck with him, like he is stuck within himself.
He for whom I reach has the same affliction.
Yet, the man who reaches for me knows not my addiction.

My fantasies, so familiar, immersed deep within them.

So, as he and I walk arm and arm, I look forward.
Glancing beyond as the light beckons.
Into the shadows of my heart, a haunting reflection.

My soul paces the halls of my mind waiting for direction.

Ignoring the God within me, seeking his protection.
False comfort in a state of rejection.
For a woman to be whole she must be subject to a man’s affection. Absurd!

My lifeline, one pulse, three beats, and two will remain unheard.

Absolute Venus