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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Venus Visionaries | Ode to Malikah J.

Dedicated to Malikah J. for her support of my Youtube channel AbsoluteVenus. Enjoy sis, thank you for being a Venus Visionary.

Captivating by nature
Graceful is the way the maker made her 
Malikah, the essence of a queen
Ascendent of supreme beings
Likeness of a goddess
Innermost beauty, genuine and modest 
Kindred incarnations
Aspirations of nations
Higher manifestations
Jewel of all creations

Foundations of the present... 

Coils of time and space
Her wisdom and power within blooms
Mighty spirals sweep across her face
Adorning the crowns of suns and moons
Lightness of touch
Immaculate precision
Knowledge transcends eras 
Awareness births the vision
Happiness abound
Joy profound

Now and forever...

Building foundations
Interlocking generations
Words written in your honor
Inspiration may they garner
Visionary, welcome to my planet
Brightening our community as you landed 
Appreciative of your energy
Growing together in synergy
Fostering new beginnings
Futures filled with divine endings

AbsoluteVenus © 2017

Monday, January 2, 2017

P.E.A.C.E. and Understanding with Phil G.

Let the people know about the project that you are currently working on. 
Currently, I am finishing up the project P.E.A.C.E. which is an acronym for Proper Education Always Corrects Errors.  It was taken from the mantra of the NGE or The Nation of God's and Earths or The 5% nation. The album deals with the revelation of truth in efforts to wake people up to their own godhood. It's my goal to show people that with the correct mind set one can manuever through the hells of life and bring themselves to a place of peace. But, the only way to that mind set is by way of coming into the knowledge self.

What inspired you to create this record/album?
I was inspired at first by Jay Electronica's absence and inconsistencies in the game. As a fan of substance filled music I like many were very interested in seeing what he was gonna do for the game. After he took so long to give the people what I felt like they needed to clean themselves up, I felt like it's my duty to do the same thing. Especially since I'm a MC as well under the same doctrine he subscibes to. It's in our lessons that our duty is to civilize the savage. I'm from Chicago and we are reknown in the news as being the epicenter of spiritual warfare and a city filled with savages. So, therein lies my agenda. It's plenty of work to be done.

In these days and times, is there a particular message that you would like to share with the world?
My message is simply educate yourself. And you will discover truth. Accept the truth because it will never change. It's something you can stand on. Listen and observe, also respect what you find. Gain perspective because that's how you get to the bottom of things.

Throughout your career what has been your mantra/theme in creating music. 
Throughout my music career my mantra has been FEEL GOOD MUSIC! I always strive to help people find some serenity by way of music. I think I hit my mark a few times too! Lol.

What drives you personally, spiritually, professionally?
The things that drive me personally are my sons. And also my desire to create environments where love, peace, and happiness can thrive. Spiritually, is my desire to ascend to a place of divinity while I'm alive in this body. I give energy to people through my music and also as a counselor. It helps me elevate spiritually because the more people I can help the more positive energy I'm bringing forth. Spirit and energy are the same thing. Professionally I'm motivated by competition. I'm very competitive and always feel like I have something to prove to those who think I'm not the G that I am. I will make you a believer! Don't ever doubt.

Any words of wisdom/jewels you would like to share with younger generations?
Understanding is the best part. So, gain understanding and then build!

Where can real heads find your music?
ITunes, Apple Music, and Spotify

Are you currently touring or doing shows?
Nothing booked currently but, I am taking offers.

What's your official web/social media site(s)?
@philg119 twitter and IG