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Friday, July 29, 2011

Adventures in Food | KiKi's Bistro #Chicago

Kiki's Bistro

900 N Franklin St
(between Locust St & Walton St) 
ChicagoIL 60610
(312) 335-5454

French food at its finest. This cuisine tastes as good as it looks. For over 42 years Kiki's has been satisfying sophisticated palates. This lunch left me delighted all day long. And no it did not eat this all by myself even though I wanted too! :)


Coque au Vin

Pomme Frites

Mussels Provencale

Lemon Tart with Raspberry Coulis

Chocolate Mousse with Macerated Strawberries

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Dig This! Vol.2 Ep. 6 | Pete Rock & Smif N Wessun "Monumental" Album

Adventures in Food | Grahamwich #Chicago

Grahamwich by Graham Elliot
615 n. state

i was reminiscing on this heavenly bánh mì sandwich the other day. then i remembered that Grahamwich no longer has it. But, on the new menu there is a pork bbq sandwich which i hope to try soon.

Monday, July 11, 2011

I Dig This! Vol.2 Ep. 5 | A Vinyl Bracelet

I am a vinyl junkie. So needless to say, when I saw this beauty, I was in love. I have to get me one!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Adventures in Food | GT Fish & Oyster #Chicago

GT Fish & Oyster

Can I just tell you that this is the best gnocchi that I have ever tasted. The tenderness of the gnocchi was like soft pillowy clouds of goodness melting away as my tongue pressed against the roof of my mouth. Divine! The freshly shaved basil, mussels, rock shrimp and cherry tomatoes rounded out the dish so well that it left me savoring every delicious bite. What an appetizer, indeed!

On to the lunch entree...a lobster roll and onion straws. Super chunky lobster salad on a perfectly toasted New England style roll. The lobster had just the right balance of mayo and citrus flavor that didn't over-power the meat and accentuated the fresh herbs that were part of the blend. Also, the golden french fried onions made my tummy very happy! :)

And as if that wasn't enough...dessert! Can you guess what this is by looking at the pic below? I'll tell you what it isn't - a lemon parfait. It is key lime pie! That's right, key lime pie. Nestled in a petite mason jar, this lovely dessert of layers key lime curd, crumbled ginger snaps and merigue is one of the best key lime pies i've ever had. The brightness of the key lime flavor livened my pallet and was a satisfying close to a glorious lunch.

I will definitely be back to sample more gastronomic delights soon!

Photos by: Chris Gray

Friday, July 1, 2011

Adventures in Food - Bridge House Tavern #Chicago

Bridge House Tavern
321 N. Clark
P: 312.644.0283

*Diana Ross voice* "I want mussels!!! ooo, ooo, ooo..." Okay, I know she was singing about the other kind of muscles but, I want mussels - especially these mussels. The deliciousness that they bathe in is perfect for dipping. The fresh mussel flavor accented with butter, white wine, jalapeno pepper and a slight citrus punch, make me want to drown every bit of that grilled crusty bread in it!

The roasted chicken at Bridge House Tavern is super succulent, never will you have a more juicy piece than this. And the grits, anointed with asiago cheese, which gives a slight sharpness that perfectly compliments the buttery creaminess. This is true comfort food! I left full, sleepy and happy! :)

Photos by Chris Gray