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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Absolute Venus | Loc Update - 3 Years, 3 Months

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I DIG THIS! | 9th Wonder & Buckshot "The Change Up" (Music Video)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


The hit single " TEAR GAS " is the 3rd official video of Chip-Fu's solo career! The single is part of the mixtape " STOP PLAYIN' VOL2 " and is available as a bonus track on the upcoming album " WAR PAINT ". FREE DOWNLOAD THE COVER AND TRACK ON WWW.CHIP-FU.COM

To read more about Chip-Fu's latest project "War Paint" check out the interview that he and I had >> Venus Dialogues | War Paint!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I DIG THIS! | Shabazz Palaces Talk Music Philosophy, Arab Spring

I DIG THIS! | Top 5 In Comedy (Youtube)

These talented individuals keep me tuned in week after week to see what hilariousness they will come up with next!

1) Phill Wade (@Phill Wade and @SpB2Studios> Musical talent, excellent comedic timing and a host of friends with similar artistic keenness is what catapulted Phill to the top of my list. "...and I bless ya!"

2) Dormtainment (@DormtainmentTV) > 6 guys picked to live in a house...well not quite. This group of dudes are destined to have their own show with the acting and comedic chops to pull it off. And cute too :)

3) Alphacat (@Alphacat) > This cat is best know for his portrayal of America's #1 man, and he does it well. His comedic wit is unparelled. Alphacat has many endeavors underway from 30 Days of Intent to DANCE SHOWDOWN is there anything that he can't do?!

4) Ed Lover (@edlovertv) > You already know...C'mon Son!!!

5) Chris Starr (@bkangel310 and @ChrisStarrTV) >  This Brooklyn born darling gives the lowdown on relationships and hilarious situations that we all have encountered. Her vids always leave me thinking...ikr?!

Now go forth and LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE.