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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Venus Dialogues: The Mechanics of MeccaGodZilla

Photo by @tiffnysherellphotography / Tiffny Sheréll
In 2013, I became acquainted with MeccaGodZilla's music by coincidence, during my everloving thirst for great music, and have been staying tuned to all of the great things coming from his camp since the PERFECT 天 album. Read more about his journey during that time in Venus Dialogues: The Metamorphosis of MeccaGodZilla. Since then, he has undergone continued transformation that has honed his style, skill and experience, culminating in an enriched sound and spirit. Mecca shared his latest projects and how they express his current space and time.

AbsoluteVenus: In what way(s) would you say your art has transformed over the past couple of years?
MeccaGodZilla: In the last couple of years, I picked up learning how to play piano chords and seriously haven’t sampled in a while.  In the past, I sampled everything but, recently I really wanted to have freedom when it came to sound, and sound design so I started learning keys. I like to play keys and then mix the sounds that I’ve played to sound like actual samples. It’s been a lot of fun doing stuff like that, especially when I play something and the listener thinks it’s a sample.

The other thing too is, when my creative energy is high I just produce. Whether it’s a rock sound or something ambient and abstract, I just produce music.  I’m coming from a Hip-Hop arena and a Hip-Hop base but, I like to let the spirit move me into the other arenas that also have influenced me since childhood.

AbsoluteVenus: Since beginning your music career, what would you say has been your biggest lesson as you progress in the craft.
MeccaGodZilla: The biggest lesson has is great to be a part of a team.  A lot of times you can be a part of a team and grow to your full potential within that team.  On the contrary, sometimes being a part of a team will stunt you growing to your full potential.  I’ve been on teams and I’ve had to roll and push for dolo. The biggest lesson I have learned is to beware of energy vampires AND to not feel bad cutting them off early.   It’s important to have positive people and vibes around to reach full potential.  Life is too short for anything else.

AbsoluteVenus: Tell us about your latest projects?
Photo by @tiffnysherellphotography / Tiffny Sheréll
MeccaGodZilla: Right now, I am going through a reset.  I broke up with my lady of 5 years and that opened the door for me to just let out frustration, aggression, disappointment, and all negative energy. That energy came out as a lot of Light and Love energy. I ended up compiling that all and put together a brand new instrumental album titled “ERROARS 3.3.”   It’s already done. It was great to make that because, it was ridiculously emotional. I have to admit.  Taku and Bjork both have records like this as do many artists, where within heartbreak music can be so beautiful and calming. What I made with ERROARS 3.3 is possibly very different from what my followers might have heard before.  I’m excited about this record.  One thing though, I feel like my followers want to hear more bars though. So, I do have some rap records in the works.

I have a few EPs and an album with Sim-E titled “Strong Island Monstas.”  This album features (huge thanks to Sim-E for getting all these features for us!) Prince Po, Chase Infinite, Planet Asia, Rodan, Kurious, Sean Price (God bless RI’P!) and quite a few more.  I’m grateful because DJ Evil Dee is mixing some of it for us.

Possibly I will finish up this EP with Budamunky and I have an EP with DJ Tomoko already completed. So, maybe it’s time to really let that out of the bag. I’m working on clearing a music sample as we speak.  We shall see ;-)

AbsoluteVenus: Are there any artists that you would like to mention in your circle?
MeccaGodZilla: Since summer 2014, I had to re-evaluate the cipher.  Right now, in my cipher is Juro Mez Davis, Sim-E, Masia One, the talented Ronald Wimberly, Aja Asi, Nelson Caban, Divine Life Allah, DJ oMMM, the Bondfire Radio fam, Beathaus, and Tigarah.  Additionally TAP Co., Ltd., Mina Koo, 81Neutronz, J. Stylez, Cryptik Soul, Young Lucid and Mark Marvel.  Honorable mention to Green Street, Suede and Suade.

AbsoluteVenus: What advice would you give to new indie artists?
MeccaGodZilla: While you sharpen your craft, it is important to be very patient. Sometimes it seems like overnight that you can blow up!  But, then it may take some years for your end goals to come to fruition.  It requires patience.  While you may be waiting for one thing to pop off, I recommend putting a few more irons in the fire. Eventually one thing will get hot for you.  It is also great when all of the irons are hot at one time. It’s a lot more fun when having powerful options to play with.

AbsoluteVenus: How do you define wisdom/enlightenment?
MeccaGodZilla: In my life, wisdom comes from not only researching what others have done before me in the realm of “success” but also not following the rules, making my own rules, and then failing.  When I get knocked down and begin to stand, that reflection process often times is very spiritual and that is where enlightenment for me lives.  In those moments of rediscovering, humility after failing, I venture through many stages of enlightenment to regain being grounded, regain the ability to listen and regain the ability to learn. I do have mentors, big brothers that are older and also some younger brothers who have gone through tough experiences.  They share with me constantly a LOT of wisdom and that helps me along my journey.

AbsoluteVenus: Do you have a favorite element/instrument that you infuse into your beats? If yes, what is it?
MeccaGodZilla: I love strings, I love, love, love strings.  Strings remind me so much of light, sun rays, positive energy.  Strings can be sad too.  I like how they convey energy and emotion, drama and tranquility. In regards to drums. I totally have to shout out !llmind and Traumah for having really great drumkits.

AbsoluteVenus: What is on your bucket list musically? Personally?
MeccaGodZilla: Musically, I seriously wanna put out my album from 2006 titled “Syntax Erroars.”  I LOVE that album because it is very raw and slightly abstract and the lyrics really go at the “system.” Personally, I would like to venture out on another trip.  Although Asia is calling me, if I do not visit mother Africa I am slipping.  So, Africa is definitely on the bucket list.

AbsoluteVenus: In less than four (4) bars describe your fave place to create.
Where the sun meets the horizon
the metaphysical is heightened
And shares with the world
A universal reminder
it’s The home of orca and dolphins
It’s simple to guess
I love writing near water

AbsoluteVenus: What are your official web/social media sites?
Twitter: @MeccaGodZilla
Instagram: MeccaGodZilla

Peace and Blessings,