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Friday, November 20, 2015

Venus Dialogues | Soul of an Artist with Ibrahim Baaith

Planet Venus is the epitome of art, life and passion. So, when I thought about what to bring visitors of my Planet next, I thought of a multifaceted, talented being who encompasses it all. I first came across Ibrahim Baaith's work in 2010 on a reality tv show called "Model City" which chronicled the careers of himself and other male models in NYC. However, I soon came to learn that modelling was just one of Ibrahim's creative endeavors and his artwork and the stories behind them were even more intriguing. I had the pleasure of connecting with Ibrahim to discuss his art as well as his growth as a fighter.

AbsoluteVenus: What inspires you to create?
Ibrahim Baaith: My inspiration for creating things is just wanting to express a thought, a feeling, a purpose, an intent. It's therapy for me actually.

AbsoluteVenus: Tell us about your latest projects?
Ibrahim Baaith: Most recently, I was asked to do a piece for author and filmmaker Ntozake Shange's 40th anniversary of "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow is Enuf". I was also asked to auction a piece for a fundraising event for South African Prime Minister, Desmond Tutu, in light of the politics surrounding the late Nelson Mandela, which will be in two (2) weeks here in NY.

AbsoluteVenus: Does art and modeling require a different type of discipline, aesthetics and form than pugilism? If not, what are the common components. If so, what is differs between them.
Ibrahim Baaith: There is an art to everything in life. Once mastered, one can consider themselves skilled in said artform. Techniques are by far the most essential component in developing your art. Techniques are what separates you from those with raw talent and no training. This applies to being an artist, model, or a fighter. Which I am all of these.

AbsoluteVenus: Describe your process in preparing for a match and how it may differ (if at all) from your technique when creating art or modeling.
Ibrahim Baaith: Preparing for a fight is essentially the most important aspect of winning the match. I make sure that when Im training for my fight, I am aware of my opponets strengths and weaknessess, as well as honing in on my own. Being realistic with my abilities will allow me to mentally prepare to win. However, art and modeling is almost an entirely different animal competitive wise: theres much gray area. But theres no gray in either win or lose.

AbsoluteVenus: Are there any artists/athletes that you would like to mention in your circle?
Ibrahim Baaith: of rap group Dead Prez is an artist and a fighter that I've had undying respect for for years, and he's also a good friend. I must also mention my sifu Shi Yang Ming for being the painter, fighter, teacher he's always been...very inspirational.

AbsoluteVenus: What keeps you grounded? 
Ibrahim Baaith: My time alone keeps me grounded. It's always healthy to take mental time away from the ups and downs of life. I make sure everyday I have my own time to think about what I want, or to meditate.

AbsoluteVenus: Do you have any favorite subject/muses for your art?
Ibrahim Baaith: Muse for my art is usually music! Music paints pictures in my mind that compels me to manifest it. As well as mind blowing information. That's a big reason why I paint what I paint. And lastly, to wow my peers. I want to make an impact on the contemporary scene and I want my voice to be loud and heard...reverberating through time.

AbsoluteVenus: Do you have favorite materials/medium on which to create your works?
Ibrahim Baaith: I have no boundaries on creation. Any medium, any where, I can create my magic. This mentality allows me to stay fresh, new, and innovative!

AbsoluteVenus: What is next on the horizon?
Ibrahim Baaith: Being creative is what I think human existence is for. God is the ultimate creator, and we are his creatures who also can create. Being an artist is the height of being human!

AbsoluteVenus: Where can people find out more about your projects online (social media sites, etc.)
Ibrahim Baaith: My website coming soon. For now, @bloodbaaith on IG.

Peace and Blessings,