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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Venus Dialogues | Master of Macabre - Ricardo Islas

Director Ricardo Islas on the set of his latest release - Frankenstein.

I had the pleasure of working with film director, Ricardo Islas, early in my acting career. In fact, my film debut was in his indie horror Night Fangs. My sincerest thank you to Ricardo for the opportunity.  Since Night Fangs, Ricardo has created various other bone-chilling films and I was able to talk with him to find out what ghoulish creation he has dreamed up for his next production.

Absolute Venus: What projects are you currently working on?
Ricardo Islas: I'm developing the script for a featured titled PANDEMONIUM to start shooting late Summer. The story will revolve around a group of people dealing with the consequences of worshiping the devil in their youth. That's as much as I can reveal at this early stage.
Absolute Venus: Are there any artists (actors, producers, directors etc.) that you are currently working with who you would like to mention? 
Ricardo Islas: Since the project is in a such an early stage, there are no roles assigned to any actors yet. I like to work with actors that I know, so most likely you will see some familiar faces, (that is if you have seen my previous movies); and of course, there is always room for new faces as well.
From the set of Islas' Frankenstein.
Absolute Venus: Are there any artists that you would like to work that that you have not gotten the chance to work with yet?
Ricardo Islas: I suppose you mean famous artists? Sure, I would love to work with actors whose work I admire. Thing is, when I'm writing a movie, I think of my characters as if they were real people, and even when movie stars are real people, they are not who I think of as I write. I often think of real people that I know in my daily life. That's an exercise that results in (hopefully) more realistic characters instead of cliches.
Absolute Venus: When you’re creating art, what inspires you?
Ricardo Islas: Usually music. I like atonal music from the turn of the 20th century: Scriabin, Alban Berg, Bartok, Penderecki. I listen to their music and scenes flow. But then, there's also everyday situations, landscapes, and more recently, I find a lot of inspiration in online picture galleries. I spend hours browsing through images.
Absolute Venus: Who are your artistic influences?
Ricardo Islas: Fellini, Kurosawa, Hitchcock, Truffaut, Kubrick. It's a long list. Polanski, of course. In America: William Friedkin, some Scorsese, some Coppola.
Absolute Venus: Who are your favorite filmmakers of all time?
Ricardo Islas: That will be Federico Fellini. But it's also a long list.
Absolute Venus: Where can horror fans find your films?
Ricardo Islas: Probably at my youtube channel, just look for newalphastudios in youtube and you'll get to see some of them. Other than that, type [my film] titles and goddess Internet will provide.
Absolute Venus: What are your official web/social media sites?
Ricardo Islas: on Facebook look for my name, on youtube look for newalphastudios or visit