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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Absolute Venus' Top 50 Hip Hop Groups

Recently, I participated in a Top 50 Hip Hop Groups ranking with several others and I was so dissappointed in the outcome that I decided to publish my own list to show that my choices were vastly different than that final list. Some interesting stats about THAT list were (via @eclectik):
  • Wu Tang, Outkast, De La Soul, and Camp Lo were not ranked AT ALL by some
  • The Fu Schickens ranked AHEAD of: ATCQ, Run DMC, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, etc.
  • The Lost Boyz got a rank of 3 from someone
  • EPMD received a rank of 30
  • 2 Live Crew were ranked 7th
  • Salt N Pepa Ranked 3rd overall
  • Insane Clown Posse and TRU were ranked period

Now for my list...ahhhh, much better! Enjoy!

Venus' Top 50 Hip Hop Groups

1. Public Enemy
2. The Wu Tang Clan
3. NWA
4. Run DMC
5. A Tribe Called Quest
6. Boogie Down Productions
7. Outkast
8. De La Soul
9. Beastie Boys
10. Bone Thugs N Harmony
11. The Roots
12. Blackstar
13. Mobb Deep
14. Fugees
15. The Pharcyde
16. Black Moon
17. Boot Camp Clik
18. Goodie Mob
19. Leaders of the New School
20. Digable Planets
21. Onyx
22. Salt n Pepa
23. Smif n Wessun
24. EPMD
25. Geto Boys
26. MOP
27. Main Source
28. Heltah Skeltah
29. Dead Prez
30. Black Sheep
31. 8 Ball and MJG
32. Organized Konfusion
33. Capone-N-Noreaga
34. Slum Village
35. Brand Nubian
36. Compton's Most Wanted
37. Flip Mode Squad
38. 3 6 Mafia
39. Cypress Hill
40. Sunz of Man
41. X Clan
42. Furious 5
43. The Dogg Pound
44. UGK
45. Souls of Mischief
46. The LOX
47. Dilated Peoples
48. Camp Lo
49. Poor Righteous Teachers
50. Arrested Development

Other groups that I wish I could fit in my list...

3rd Base
Above The Law
The Coup
The Cunninglynguists
Def Squad
Digital Underground
The Diplomats
Fat Boys
Fearless Four
Funky 4 + 1
House of Pain
Jungle Brothers
Junior M.A.F.I.A
Jurassic 5
Kid N Play
The Liks
Little Brother
Lords of the Underground
The Lost Boyz
Method Man & Redman
Nappy Roots
Naughty By Nature
Nice and Smooth
Shape of Broad Minds
St. Lunatics
Sugar Hill Gang
Tao of Slick
Treacherous Three
Westside Connection

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tricrotic Logic

I leave my past.
My present greets me.
I ignore him reaching out to the future that is not.

My timeline deceives me.

This existence keeps me grounded.
My perception, a hindrance.
An unfortunate coincidence of circumstances of incidence.

My reticence to express, keeps me in this place.

I am stuck with him, like he is stuck within himself.
He for whom I reach has the same affliction.
Yet, the man who reaches for me knows not my addiction.

My fantasies, so familiar, immersed deep within them.

So, as he and I walk arm and arm, I look forward.
Glancing beyond as the light beckons.
Into the shadows of my heart, a haunting reflection.

My soul paces the halls of my mind waiting for direction.

Ignoring the God within me, seeking his protection.
False comfort in a state of rejection.
For a woman to be whole she must be subject to a man’s affection. Absurd!

My lifeline, one pulse, three beats, and two will remain unheard.

Absolute Venus

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


The hit single " TEAR GAS " is the 3rd official video of Chip-Fu's solo career! The single is part of the mixtape " STOP PLAYIN' VOL2 " and is available as a bonus track on the upcoming album " WAR PAINT ". FREE DOWNLOAD THE COVER AND TRACK ON WWW.CHIP-FU.COM

To read more about Chip-Fu's latest project "War Paint" check out the interview that he and I had >> Venus Dialogues | War Paint!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I DIG THIS! | Shabazz Palaces Talk Music Philosophy, Arab Spring

I DIG THIS! | Top 5 In Comedy (Youtube)

These talented individuals keep me tuned in week after week to see what hilariousness they will come up with next!

1) Phill Wade (@Phill Wade and @SpB2Studios> Musical talent, excellent comedic timing and a host of friends with similar artistic keenness is what catapulted Phill to the top of my list. "...and I bless ya!"

2) Dormtainment (@DormtainmentTV) > 6 guys picked to live in a house...well not quite. This group of dudes are destined to have their own show with the acting and comedic chops to pull it off. And cute too :)

3) Alphacat (@Alphacat) > This cat is best know for his portrayal of America's #1 man, and he does it well. His comedic wit is unparelled. Alphacat has many endeavors underway from 30 Days of Intent to DANCE SHOWDOWN is there anything that he can't do?!

4) Ed Lover (@edlovertv) > You already know...C'mon Son!!!

5) Chris Starr (@bkangel310 and @ChrisStarrTV) >  This Brooklyn born darling gives the lowdown on relationships and hilarious situations that we all have encountered. Her vids always leave me thinking...ikr?!

Now go forth and LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Venus Dialogues : From the Underground Up

AbsoluteVenus: Congratulations on your latest album, "Swiss Chocolate Cake". I have the vinyl with USB. Funky beats and dope lyrics, keeps you rocking all the way through.
Mr. Complex: Thank you very much.

AbsoluteVenus: Are you currently touring or doing shows?
Mr. Complex: I do shows whenever I get the call. Hasn't been as many as I used to do. I think the world knows I'm doing film stuff so they forget I still got rhymes. 

AbsoluteVenus: Where can hip hop heads buy the album? 
Mr. Complex: Sub-Bombin Records and itunes.

AbsoluteVenus: In addition to your solo projects, any current/new Polyrythm Addicts or other collabos (lyricists, producers, etc.) on the horizon?
Mr. Complex: I started recording a brand new album about 2-3 years ago. It's called "Forever New". My best work I ever did. I've been on hiatus from recording, just from music in general since the Poly album. I was let down with the way the project came out. So, I was like eff music. It was too many people fighting over crumbs. I sacrafice my life for this, for real. Separate from that, my family went homeless for a bit. Sleeping at friends, while working on sets with millionaire people that love my work. So, it was difficult for me to handle. But, I started the new album after a close friend - my first producer, Andre Kyle, passed away from cancer. I worked with him in the late 80's, early 90's. We had mutual friends from high school. One guy from Andre's crew learned how to flip beats through him. He approached and insisted I check out his music. We got up and began. He's pretty much undiscovered. I have been recording with him for the whole project, dedicated to Andre. The new producer's name is Mortal. 

AbsoluteVenus: Love what I saw of your film "Fanatic". Any plans to continue filming that feature? 
Mr. Complex: That film is done. I just came back from Martha's Vineyard AA Film Fest last week.

AbsoluteVenus: Do you have other cinematic projects in the works?
Mr. Complex: I have several scripts written. I don't stop writing. I have two projects in the works "The Funny Thing About Making Sex". I co-wrote with D-Stroy, and I'm directing. Hopefully, I can shoot in October. Another joint is a movie called "Nobody's Home" about a young kid filming a documentary while looking for his mother, that he feels left him to become a singer.

AbsoluteVenus: Any cast/crew/artists you would like to mention who you are working with on those pieces? 
Mr. Complex: I have a ton of famous friends, actors and musicians...It's all about the timing so I don't wanna mention names.

AbsoluteVenus: When you're creating art, what inspires you? 
Mr. Complex: Life, everyday life.

AbsoluteVenus: What are your favorite artist(s) out right now? 
Mr. Complex: Right now? I'm old school if I may say. I appreciate my dudes that been roching for 20 years plus. Extra P, Q Tip, G Rap, Pharoahe, Masta Ace, Roots, De La. 

AbsoluteVenus: Are there other things you got cooking that you would like to mention? 
Mr. Complex:  My book, "Underground Up"

AbsoluteVenus: What's your official web/social media site(s)?  

Thank you Plex! I look forward to bring previews, videos and more to visitors of Planet Venus.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I DIG THIS! | Forensick Ft. Senamax- Homage(Explicit) [Official Video]

Bless to my Hale's Kitchen family! Here is the latest from the camp >> pay homage yo!

For more from Forensick (@iamforensick) check his youtube channel.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Venus Dialogues | You Bouncin with Scott!

Attention hip hop fans...I had the pleasure of connecting with NC 's own Scottie Flippen to hear more about his latest project. What I've heard of the album thus far lives up to its name! Keep bouncing.

Scottie Flippen rockin' the stage.
What is the album entitled? Why?
I decided to call this project “You Bouncin With Scott (Volume 1)” about two years ago when I first started the process. I didn’t want to get too specific with a title or concept for the entire tape because I felt like it might limit me artistically. On the other hand, one thing I did know is that I’m always going to bring that bounce…hence the title, “You Bouncin With Scott.” It has stuck with me over time, and I’ll be looking to release other projects in the future to continue the series.  

Is there an overall message/theme for the album?
Good songwriting, music that makes sense, something the listener can actually live and feel. I want the audience to be able to relate to the music I make, so I don’t talk about superficial shit like cars, watches, chains, etc. I still think all that shit’s cool, but there’s more to life than the brand of shoes you wear or the car you drive. It’s tough times out there; people have real problems and issues not only financially, but personally too. I sound like a politician right now, fuck that, I’m not running for office. I just understand where “real” people are coming from. 2 Chainz, we think it’s great that you have 2 chains, or 7 or 8 or however many fucking chains you’re wearing. But, that’s all bullshit. People can’t relate to that; they’re worried about how they’re going to pay the rent and feed their kids, not how their chain looks in the lighting on stage. I’m a grown up, I don’t listen to that bullshit; my 15 year old sister does though. The chorus for the closing track of my album sums up the overall theme/message best. It says, “I don’t talk about my chain or how my wrists glistening/ but if I did there’d be a million dumb fucks listening.” And that’s real folks.

How is this project different from ones that you have done in the past?
It’s the absolute best of Scott Flippen. It’s not a mixtape or an EP; I put years into finding the right group of songs to introduce myself and my music to the world with. I’m finally comfortable saying that I’ve done that.

What specifically inspired you to do this album?
Basically, just my love for hip-hop, songwriting & music in general. I can turn on a beat, add words to it and make it come to life. I don’t need any more inspiration than that. It’s the first of many, so I’m personally happy to have this project behind me and begin to explore future endeavors in the industry.

Are there any collabs (lyricists, producers, etc.) you would like to mention?
A large portion of the project was produced as well as engineered, mixed & mastered by my boys Mike Machete & Conbud aka Turn 2 Productions. I won’t say none of this would be possible without them, but the quality wouldn’t be near the same level. I value their opinions and ears for music more than anything else; even more than my own at times. Both of those guys put in a tremendous amount of work and effort behind the scenes to make this project possible, and they are family to me. I think the project will also be another outlet for them to showcase their skills as producers.

Kelsey Lu & Scottie Flippen
I also have some good features from other artists on the project as well. Everyone knows Kelsey Lu will be featured on a few tracks. She’s an unbelievably talented vocalist and cellist, and it’s worth mentioning that we’ll be working on her first solo EP this fall…we’re all pumped about that. Kelsey and I teamed up with Kon Sci from MindsOne for one of those records. I’ve also got features from some of my other favorite regional emcees like Chedda Chapp, Azon Blaze, Poe Mack, Sef from 2nd Revolution, Don Digiorgio and Dirt Digg. I do have other production beyond Turn 2 as well. I ventured a little outside of my box and brought the All-European production team in for a few tracks. I’ve got a couple tracks produced by Dr. G & Pro P from England in addition to a joint from Skeksta out of Poland. CJ Beatz also dropped a dope piano beat on the record for my collab with Poe Mack. Solid top to bottom.

What are your favorite record(s) right now own the album?
I wish I could pick a couple records out from the bunch, but that’s really impossible for me; I like them all. One of the main focuses of this project was to put together a collection of quality songs that can all stand up on their own. I didn’t want filler tracks that the listener would just skip through. There’s no skits or any of that bullshit, just 13 records to break ya neck.

When is the album scheduled to be released?
I want to give you the exact date, but I promised my good friends at that we’d be making the announcement via their website. We’ll be publicizing that when it comes out, so stay tuned. I know the exact date of the release, so I’ll just tell you it’s mid-September. Beyond that, you’ll have to check out within the next week or two.

Where can hip hop heads buy the album? What formats (i.e. MP3, CD, vinyl)
The album will be available online in all the right places like iTunes, amazon, etc.  I also have a release party planned that we’ll be announcing in conjunction with the date. There will be several record stores carrying the physical copies and we’re currently in talks about distribution with a few different companies as we speak.

Any upcoming concerts/performances?
With a mid-September release date, I’ll be doing a small handful of shows throughout the course of the fall. The first to announce that people need to check out is Saturday, October 6th with Bubba Sparxxx at Southland Ballroom in Raleigh, NC. We’ll be posting links to buy tickets on all of our social media outlets in the coming weeks.

Kelsey Lu
What other projects that you are working on that you would like to mention?
I’ll continue to write music as always, but I don’t have any immediate plans; I want to enjoy this release first. Putting this behind me, I’m really excited to get started working on Kelsey Lu’s EP this fall. We’re on the same page with everything, and as bad as I want the world to hear my music, I want the same for her. She’s a sister to me, and I’ll do anything I can to help her succeed in this business. I know Mike Machete & Conbud feel the same way. She’ll be back here in NC performing with me for the Bubba Sparxxx show, and we plan on setting that week aside to start working on her EP. It’s all family for us.

What's your official web/social media site(s)?
There are a ton of free downloads as well as videos, interviews, tour schedule, etc. at You can follow me on twitter @scottieflippen or add me on facebook by the same name.

I also want to take quick minute to shout out my homie Andy Nichols aka Mr. Neva Dedd . He’s the man behind the scenes for me that makes all of this possible from the interviews to the shows to my day to day collection of bullshit. It’s great to work with people that you consider “family,” and I’m very blessed to have him on my team. I also want to thank Andrea for taking the time to share this interview. You’ll always be an honorary member of the AYP Team! Take care and remember…YOU BOUNCIN WITH SCOTT!!! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Adventures In Food | Slurping Turtle

Slurping Turtle

116 W. Hubbard Street
Chicago, IL 60654


Starter: Duck fat fried chicken

Main: Refreshing cold udon
Main: Vegetable and shrimp tempura
Finishing touch: Duo of quail egg shooters, a green tea cream puff and sea salt ice cream.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Adventures In Food | Mercer One Thirteen

Mercer One Thirteen

113 W Hubbard St
ChicagoIL 60654
(312) 396-0113

Best oyster appetizer bar none! Fried oysters topped with a beurre blanc sauce, sauteed spinach and diced tomatoes.

Panko and slivered almond crusted halibut over rice with a Kung Pao dipping sauce.

Lightly battered white fish over jalepeno mashed potatoes and asparagus.

Espresso chocolate mousse in a chocolate cup with freshly whipped cream and berries.

Dark chocolate mousse in a marbled chocolate shot glass with freshly whipped cream and berries.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Public Enemy | The Rhythm, the Rebel, the Relevance

runnin' to the radio
and the tv issues and views
shaped by one sided news
got us like
planet of the apes
under cds and tapes
young cats askin ol heads
teach me
over beats that reach me
radiation of a radio tv movie nation on your gdamn mind
makes ya blind

- verse from Public Enemy, Makes You Blind (1987 - Yo! Bumrush the Show)

Forever relevant, not subject to obsolescense - the words of PE are education and the human experience set to rhyme that resonates with independent minds all over the planet. 

Tonight I watched the documentary Public Enemy | Welcome to the Terrordome on Centric and wondered why this was the first time that I had ever seen a program about such a monumental group in music, who is still producing dynamic art today. If it wasn't for the fact that I follow Chuck D on Twitter, I probably would not have known much about the group's current projects at all. Or, about the six documentaries that exist on the group, only one of which has ever aired on American tv (tonight, during what has been dubbed "Black Music Month"). Subjugation, marginalization, whatever term you want to use...the fact that black culture has to be mined and preserved for fear of it being lost to the generations that follow is a true consequence of the times in which we live. Underpublicized, undercelebrated and undermined, individuals must continue to make a conscious effort to contribute to and be ambassadors of the culture for it to thrive. Love it, learn it, live it.

Public Enemy is a revolution personified with much, much more to say. Stay tuned for "I Shall Not Be Moved!" Out June 15th!!! 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Venus Transformations | The HCG Diet

A sceptic of fad dieting, it took some coaxing for me to try the HCG diet. I have never truly dieted because well, i never really had to...but, as you get older, the body just doesn't quite react the same to exercise, so had to shake things up.

A family member of mine had already lost 20 lbs. in less than four weeks on the diet so that was all I needed to see. There are many naysayers that believe the HCG supplement to be a placebo, and the strict 500 calorie a day diet is the only thing that causes the weight loss. I tend to believe that me just deciding to limit myself to 500 calories per day for 26 days straight would not work on its own. In either case, placebo or not, the diet is working for me and I feel healthier than ever before, so doubters be damned!

Phase 1 of the diet was fun, cause it was a two day food fest. This loading phase is to prepare you for Phase 2 - the next 24 days or more of a Very Low Carb Diet (VLCD). The proteins, veg and fruits you can have are very limited so I had to find some "cheats" to help me keep interest. I'll post my cheat foods in a future post. Dropping pound after pound each day didn't hurt in the motivation department either.

On 5/1/2012 I will enter Phase 3 (P3) and look forward to increasing my caloric intake to 800 calories for that three week period. I'm definitely looking forward to being able to include dairy in my diet. Still can't have starch and sugars during this time, but you better believe that I have some diet allowed recipes up my sleeve, and will be enjoying pancakes, cookies, cupcakes, etc. in P3. I've been scouring Youtube, and diet VLOGs for tips. I've also gotten difficult to find specialty ingredients from and local health food stores.

So, with all this preparation and research, I know what you are thinking..."how much have YOU lost?!" Currently, I am 15 lbs. down after 22 days on the diet. I have to say that a 5 lbs. a week average is pretty impressive!

Got questions? Tweet me @absolutevenus!

Love & Light
Absolute Venus

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Venus Dialogues: Ladies Love Leo Littles

(L-R) Hassan Johnson (Leo Littles) and Kontinental Krome (Jason)
Updated 06/07/2013

From my daily interactions, I often wonder if the concept of chivalry is a lost art.  I encounter men that do not obey the rule of ladies first. I find myself holding doors open, changing the direction of my step, or being mindful of etiquette in a crowded elevator more so than my male counterparts these days. It is perturbing because often men wonder why they can't find a decent woman. This is most likely because we have been programmed to fend for ourselves instead of expecting  common courtesies from a man.

Thus, my interest was perked when I learned one of my tweeples was making a film on the subject. "Ladies Love Leo Littles" explores this topic and provides context from a male perspective. Writer/director Sean "Red.71" Murdock, gives insight into the project, scheduled for release Summer 2013.

Absolute Venus: Tell us more about the premise of the film.
Red.71: "Ladies Love Leo Littles : A Lesson in Chivalry" is the story of two young men from different worlds who teach each other a valuable lesson about the opposite sex. Leo Littles is an ordinary gentleman leading an extraordinary life, well at least to some. It's a romantic comedy set in downtown Brooklyn, NY. 

AbsoluteVenus: Are you the sole writer of the screenplay, or was it a collaborative effort?
Red.71: Sole writer although there were a couple of re-writes after I had a read with a few friends.

AbsoluteVenus: Is Leo Littles based on someone you know? A mixture of people you know?
Red.71: Leo Littles is loosely based on some of my life and a couple of good brothers I know. I was inspired by the neighborhood. While walking my dogs Sporty and Esquire, who cameo in the film, and living in the Avalon Ft. Greene I saw the difference in the mindset of two different communities of people living is such close proximity to each other and how they perceive the other group.

AbsoluteVenus: Who is the talented cast/crew for the film?
Red.71: Hassan Johnson aka Weebey from HBO's "The Wire" landed the lead as Leo Littles. He is a seasoned actor who has been typecast as the hoodlum type. However, in this film, he plays a former nerd and college graduate who successfully goes into business for himself. Trenice Jenkins plays Nyomi, the leading lady, with no formal experience but natural talent. Kontinental Krome, the supporting male in this film as Jason, is a Stoll fairly new on the big screen. He debuted in "1st Dates" as Todd but is comfortable in front of the camera. Lil Bob McCall is also no stranger to the big screen and he plays Marty, Jason's good friend who doesn't want him to mature. There are also a host of beautiful ladies of all nationalities that help to prove that chivalry is international and isn't bound by language or ethnicity. My indispensable film crew have the most important jobs that you never see and they are truly the ones who make magic happen. From sound to lighting to edit every member of my team is appreciated.

AbsoluteVenus: Where is filming taking place?
Red.71: Brooklyn and Manhattan NY but mostly Brooklyn.

AbsoluteVenus: When will filming begin?
Red.71: We start shooting June 9, 2013 and at the end of July.

AbsoluteVenus: When is the project slated to be completed?
Red.71: We are scheduled for an early September 2013 release date.

AbsoluteVenus: What other projects are you working on?
Red.71: Currently writing my 1st book entitled "The Right Fight" which is about a young boxer. It will be my 3rd screenplay. I want to try something different by writing the book first to gain a fan base then have them come out and support the film in theaters. I hope to have it distributed to at least 50 theaters nationwide.

AbsoluteVenus: Where can we see some of your work?
Red.71: My 1st short film about the risks of casual dating is available on Youtube.
"1st Dates"

I look forward to seeing the film and will bring any previews to you here on Planet Venus!

love & light
© 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Venus Dialogues | War Paint

you may remember a post on Planet Venus of Chip Fu's song, "Endless Search". the reggae love ballad, from a previous project, illustrates Chip's vocal ability and range as an artist. another weapon in the arsenal of an artist best known for his machine gun lyrical delivery.

i had the pleasure of interviewing Chip Fu about his latest project, "War Paint", scheduled for release on the indie label, Blaq Ink. Chip shared with me his motivation for making the album as well as some exciting collaborations from the project. the depth of talent on the album is sure to result in a release that real heads have been thirsting for.

AbsoluteVenus: when will War Paint be released? 

ChipFu: in october but, i will be releasing three singles before then.

AbsoluteVenus: what was your inspiration for the album?

ChipFu: my inspiration comes from understanding that it's time for a change on all levels. it's more so about connecting with one's self. if you ask someone what they represent, they can't answer you. i feel it's time for war...cause in some cases with war comes peace.

AbsoluteVenus: what song(s) will be the first release(s)? 

ChipFu: the first songs are the Vitamin D produced "Tear Gas" and "Flowenometry" produced by Ill Mind.

AbsoluteVenus: any other collabs u wanna mention?

ChipFu: collabs i got > Vinne Paz - "Do It All", Prince Po - "Apathy", Khalil (Bush Babies), T3 (Slum Village) and Del the Funky Homosapien on a song called "Spaceship".

to hear more about War Paint, follow Chip Fu on Twitter at @ChipFu or, on his blog Blaq.Ink - The Movement.

love & light

© 2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Window Panes

As the seasons change, I sit and look through my window panes.
Peering through blinds, designed to keep eyes from looking in?
Or, do they keep them from looking out?
Pulling them back to see the light shine through.
But, even sunlight casts a shadow as it brightens the room.
For whom am I waiting?
For what am I anticipating?
Night comes sooner most often, than that which I await.
Shut the blinds back as it approaches.
Darkness is not welcomed as it arrives at my doorstep.
As it ascends the stairs, taking the breath from my chest.
I sit speechless.
Wanting to look through my panes, to let wandering eyes see my pain.
But they only see the exterior of my house.
Not what lays within.

Hale's Angel
© 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012

Speaking in Tongues | Native Dialect

Dres and Jarobi, masters like Obi-wan Kenobi. if you didn't know, watch, cause this is straight dope, b! kinetic. organic. naturally dynamic. feeding the real heads in the midst of the famine. original zulu. aligning the planets. unified song of the "pih poh"...Evitan.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Scorpio Rising

I think of him in the a.m. even though his name is of another time.
Expressing his thoughts in my dreams through pantomime.
He’s a self-proclaiming frigid bastard yet, I still pine for his affections.
His soul hides in the recesses of his misconceptions.

Subject to the deception of whores he’s known before.
Time doesn’t heal all wounds.
Just leaves scars behind.
The pain never subsides, his heart is still sore.

Redemption he seeks, but his aims are off-target.
Trying to make me jump through hoops because his senses are lethargic.
Cathartic remedies for his blatant skepticism.
When our spirits meet, cataclysm.

If I told him of the incessant violations from my adolescence, he would shudder.
But, I dare not utter.
Such overtones into the song of the uni-verse will disturb the brilliance.
Resilience is my greatest virtue.

My recollection of his spirit tells me he’s a young soul with old ways.
His affliction is physical but hinders his emotions nowadays.
Expressive, but only in written form.
When the vocals are on paper for him to perform.

Spontaneous communication, not so much.
So much that should be said, maybe he’s out of touch.
The effect that he has, he’s fully aware.
But, he chooses not to diffuse it, leaving me bare.

He’s in darkness seeking light.
I reach back to pull him up.
But, he sees it as death.
Another sleepless night.

Trusting what will come the morning after.
I operate in reality, illusions are for brains on scatter.
He acts like it don’t matter but, I know better.
He was with me in lives past, and is present in my now and forever.

Hale's Angel
© 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

13 Steps To Mentalism: The Reign of Pharoahe Monch

The classic text by Tony Corinda, 13 Steps To Mentalism, spans the occult to explore mind control, telekinesis, divination, clairvoyance and more. Exploration of other realms to understand the depths of human existence and the soul's journey are recurring themes throughout Pharoahe Monch's music. I delve more into his latest album in an earlier blog post W.A.R. and Peace.

The video for one of the records on the album, Still Standing, premiered yesterday and the imagery is ingrained in my mind. The song chronicles his struggle to cope with chronic asthma throughout his life, as well as how his career choice was motivated by this battle. The mighty horns on the track laced with Jill Scott's brilliant vocals and Pharoahe's vivid introspective about the various trials and tribulations that he has survived is soul-stirring. The beat produced by M-Phazes is a masterpiece. Words cannot express the grand emotion that I feel when I hear this song.

Watch and tell me how it makes you feel.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Pheromone Cult

Attracted by this specimen/
Butterflies in my abdomen/
Your aura is perking the tips of my breasts again/
Embracing the God in you as our souls caress/
Creating wholeness in the holiness/
Subconsciously, I'm getting heated by the fusion/
But playing it cool is becoming an illusion/
Strength in your vocal causing reactions in the chemistry/
As you parted your lips/ I examined their symmetry/
From that moment I knew where I wanted my mouth to be/
Out the gutter with your mind/ You have a great imagination/
So use it for creating/ less explicit confrontations/
Cause in reality when the time comes/
The encounter will be more powerful than you could dream of/
Life is stranger than fiction/
Fantasy is my addiction/
So I make this prediction/
We shall meet again in a kinetic position/
Releasing pheromones sparking events in our memory/
Causing stimulations to the olfactory/
Retracting the flesh to release with perfect trajectory/
Giving you sweet kisses while in a state of refractory/

Hale's Angel
© 2012