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Friday, January 1, 2016

Venus Dialogues | Centered in Cypher with Sen

Grounded in spirit. An expression of Life. Maintaining Light. Blessing mics with his thoughts. My friend and talented emcee, Sen shares his latest project and what gave him the inspiration to create it. Hale's Kitchen 4 Life!

Absolute Venus: Describe how your latest album "Born to Use Mics" differs from other projects you have done?   
Sen: "Born to Use Mics," is my personal ode to hip hop. This is my contribution to preserve the culture, one rhyme at a time. The album differs from previous projects I've been involved in because this is a collage of 90's hip hop and the hip hop music of today. Released on Xmas day,  overseen by Rapper/Producer Forensick (A4S Ent.) along with Producer Steve Reaves (Hale Kitchen Ent.) we worked together to create this abstract yet trill blend of hip hop music. 

Absolute Venus: Since your evolution as a member of Loose Chain and Hales Kitchen, to your freshman LP, "Underground Railroad" up to today, what would you say has been your biggest lesson as you progress in the craft.
Sen: Working with other artist from my camp and all over. By doing this, I learned to appreciate and take advantage of those collaborative efforts. Observing how others write, produce, etc...combined with my style, so much great work is created. I used to be so wrapped up in the idea of completing everything by myself but, when you surround yourself with friends and artists that give constructive criticism and work to enhance the project, the outcome is going to be amazing. It may be listed as my album but, this is a group effort. Teamwork makes the dream work! 

Absolute Venus: What inspires you to make music? 
Sen: Everyday life inspires me...from riding the train, relationships, politics, work or simply having a good time. When it hits me, I create! Also, other artists...if I hear a rhyme or tune that's so dope, it pushes me to go to the next level. Sometimes, I'll hear a lyric and I'll go damn....why didn't I think of that? Lol! 

Absolute Venus: Are there any artists/collaborations you would like to mention? 
Sen: Yes, all the artist that worked on this album! Forensick, Jake Bagzwell, T. Arson, Oasis, Steve Reaves, & TheShavonHannahExperience. Each of them gave me 110 percent, outstanding performances. More to come soon from other Hale's Kitchen/A4S artists! 

Absolute Venus: What advice would you give new emcees?
Sen: Read and write every day. Stay sharp by knowing history and being aware of current events. Also, keep an open ear to other artists. I think that everyone has something to offer and you never know what you might learn from them. Build your rhymes of course but, build good relationships as well. 

Absolute Venus: What is your favorite film and why?
Sen: I'm a movie buff so, I can't just name one movie....but, at the moment "The Hateful Eight" is my favorite. Tarantino never disappoints. By the way...time for a shameless plug, lol! Check out new music from Forensick featuring myself, inspired by the film titled, "H8ful eight." 

Absolute Venus: Who are your favorite artists out right now (in any genre)? 
Sen: Besides everyone I worked with on this album...Run the Jewels, PRhyme, K.Dot & Adele.

Absolute Venus: In less than four (4) bars describe your fave place to create.
Sen: Of course the bathroom, lol. Whether it's the shower or on the throne, it just all seems to come together at these moments. I'm considering installing a mic...recording in the lavatory, lol. 

Absolute Venus: Where can real heads find your music? 
Sen: Everyone can go to for a free download, I'm giving the gift of music! They can also hear @, on SoundCloud. If they a want hard copy, hit my Instagram listed below. I'll personally make sure it gets to them. 

Absolute Venus: What are your official web/social media site(s)? 
Sen: Instagram: Carsen7702, FB: Sen Coley, and visit for updates and new music. 

Absolute Venus