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Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Dig This! Vol. 1 Ep. 2 - The Vinyl Killer

I need one of these in my life. Who says the record needs to spin to play. It costs about $120 dollars.

Confessions of a B-Girl

"boots laced tight with a multi-colored spirit of might...that's what b-girls are made of." 
- AbsoluteVenus

my sophomore year in high school (circa 1993),
back then cassette tapes housed beats.
i took my summer job money to buy maxi-singles.
common (sense), black moon, black sheep, camp lo and more.
stacked the cases up, flipped out the liner notes on the floor.
i mostly read them to see where the samples were from.
now we got, oh how far we've come.

my love for hip-hop keeps me from listening to some current artists.
not all, but some are vandalizing the style - the soul of the game.
the popularity. the profitability. the fame.
tainting the purity of the form.
an unformulated formula has become formulaic.
simplistic. a nursery rhyme. babble-istic.
monochrome drones.

the b-girl craves noise, organized or otherwise, cause it speaks to her soul.
good noise - the kind that kisses her ears and makes her smirk.
the kind that makes her remember the night before and the morning after.
the noise that makes her feel like summer and crave winter, cause the gear is tight.

forever intrigued by the creation of things that transcend time,
is why she has crates filled with vinyl.
and composition books full of rhymes.
these are the confessions of a b-girl written line for line.

© 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Dig This! Vol. 1 Ep. 1
Shabazz Palaces - "Belhaven Meridian" [OFFICIAL]

Want to chill for a minute or three? Watch this, you'll be glad you did. Ishmael "Butterfly" Butler's voice is magnetic.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Je vous adore

Le lien entre nos âmes était une fois oubliée.
Jusqu'à ce que je sentais la présence de vous aimer à travers son J'étais perdue.
Maintenant, c'est le souvenir de ce qui doit être, entre vous et moi.
Unis dans l'esprit, parfaitement adaptés au corps et l'esprit.
Frapper le monde détraqué, ne sont plus confinés passion.
Je vous adore, et la lutte pour arriver à ce moment  vous entré dans ma vie, pour la première fois, encore une fois.

English Translation
The link between our souls was once forgotten.
Until I felt the presence of love through you, I was lost.
Now is the memory of what is to be between you and me.
United in spirit, perfectly matched in body and mind.
Knocking the world off kilter, with passion no longer confined.
I adore you, and the struggle to get to this moment. 

You and I for the first time, again.

© 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Om is the sound of the universe. It represents the past, present and future - the origin from which all things form.

I am love...
the giver of life and all that is me

I am peace...
what is within, calm, tranquility

I am free...
a boundless and endless ever-flowing sea

I am universe...
one song rotating to the highest degree

I am now...
moving through life purposefully

I am forever...
what is and always shall be

Om Shanti

© 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

At Random

My kind of town/uh huh, that's what Chicago is
living phat off this metropolis/ like George Papadopolis
Webster's dictionary flows outta my esophogus/
the prophetess of profits/ is inscribed on my sarcophagus
the topic is/ how can I achieve such verbal dominance
my name on the bill/ got real heads in the audience
the people have the final say/ to who will reign with prominence
uprisings in Egypt/ their fed up/ it's zero tolerance
observing the effects of this dope shit i spit/like a psychopharmacologist
an uproar amongst astronomers/ worse than Ophiuchus
cause I'm off the charts/baffling to astrologists
creating star wars more ill than George Lucas's
so sick wit it/ i got Oscar to nod to my influences
the future is/ elusive/ cause only NOW has relevance
history is made by those who live in the present tense

Hale's Angel
© 2011