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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Venus Dialogues | Tuning Into Consciousness with Moe Ager

I had the pleasure of connecting with Grammy nominated producer, former NBA player, and rap artist Moe Ager on his latest project #Zonin, and find out more about his inspiration for creation. Upon listening to #Zonin, the melodic production had an aura of tranquility, overlaid with Moe's rhythmic delivery. Songs like #CherryBlossom and #GraceLA have somewhat of a whimsical feel, taking you on a journey through his life and times. An interesting mix throughout, ending in a powerful affirmational song with #ZoninMeditation. You'll enjoy the cruise through his lyrics and musicality to reach a peaceful, yet energizing zone.

AbsoluteVenus: Let the people know about your latest release, #Zonin, and any other projects that you are currently working on.
Moe: #Zonin is an album that has been created to support my "In The Zone With Moe Ager" campaign. I wanted to put out a body of work that displayed my progress musically. It's a great overall album and I'm now shooting videos for the songs. 

AbsoluteVenus: Are there any collabos with other artists (lyricists, producers, etc.) that you would like to mention? 
Moe: Boi-1da is someone I'm looking forward to working with. I have always respected him as a person and producer.

AbsoluteVenus: Being a Motown native, music must be in your DNA, who are your musical influences? 
Moe: My Mom and Dad, Motown, Marvin Gaye, Eminem, Big Sean, etc. 

AbsoluteVenus: When you’re creating art, what inspires you? 
Moe: Just living my life. I think I make the best music, when I'm just experiencing. I love when I come across new sounds. For any Artist/Producer new sounds make us happy. 

AbsoluteVenus: In what ways (if any) has the rise of digital music/technologies transformed your creative process? 
Moe: It's a gift and curse. It's giving me more opportunities to get my content out. On the other hand, it over saturates the market, making it less appreciated from the masses. It is what it is. 

AbsoluteVenus: Who are your favorite artists out right now (in any genre)? 
Moe: J. Cole, Kendrick, and Big Sean 

AbsoluteVenus: Where can real heads find your music (i.e. MP3, CD, vinyl)? 
Moe: All of my music is online in MP3 and wav formats. Although, I would like to create a vinyl edition. You can find #Zonin on iTunes at

AbsoluteVenus: Outside of music, tell us about your other creative/professional/philanthropic endeavors that you would like to mention? 
Moe: Business marketing seminars for artist, former athletes, and entrepreneurs. Also, serving the youth through the Moe Ager Hoop School.

AbsoluteVenus: What are your official web/social media sites? 
Twitter: @MoeAger

Thank you for the interview, Moe! I look forward to bringing more soon to the visitors of Planet Venus.

Peace and Blessings,

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Venus Remembers | Sean Price

Sean P lived up to his name for always bringing the Ruckus on the mic. Spanning his 22+ year career, each and every song on which Sean flowed was classic "P". Ruck's lyrics were hard, laced with comedic puns and bust-ya-mouth realism. An eternal member of the Boot Camp Clik, Heltah Skeltah, The Fab 5 and Random Axe, P's verses added the perfect element to a track, whether a banger like "Let Me Tell You" or a melodious rhythm like "Chewbacca". I felt the dedication he had for his craft in his lyrics which expressed passion for the sake of artistry and his livelihood. Simply, real hip hop.

To complement his witty delivery, he also was a funny dude...from his impersonation of Nardwuar the Human Serviette to Sean P's Rap Clinic, to his parody of Tyrese's Coca Cola commercial, Sean P had great comedic timing that solified him as a gentle giant for me, as a fan of the artists in the Duckdown family. A great talent and from what I can gather, an all around genuine person. Thank you for setting, raising and lyrically beating inferior emcees with the bar! May your hereafter be glorious and full of laughter! P!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Venus Origins: Exploring my DNA

My first days on the planet.

Greetings Visitors of Planet Venus:

In this series, Venus Origins: Exploring my DNA, I will take you on a journey with me in discovering my ancestral origins. As a being of African ancestry in America, lineage is extremely vital to learning more about my bloodline and from where my ancestors originated. So, first stop on that journey, to find the countries of origin for which my DNA is a match to the people of those regions. See below for my results.

The Process
Ordered Kit - it took a couple of days for it to come by mail, then a couple of days to 23andme to acknowledge receipt of the kit once I mailed it back. ~ 1.5 weeks
DNA Testing - 23andme analyses the sample and provides online updates throughout the six stage process. ~2 weeks
Preliminary Results - raw DNA data available at this time and select ancestry information including Haplogroup results. ~1 week
Full Results - Country of Origin information like show below is ready at this stage in the process along with additional features/tools including DNA relative matches. ~1 week

My Results
As you can see below, my ancestry is primarily from West Africa with a small potion of European ancerstry as well. There are also minute traces of other ethnic groups listed as well. The one caveat to these results is that 23andme has 3 levels of confidence in the results which are Speculative (50% confidence level); standard (70% confidence level); conservative (90% confidence level). The results that I am showing here are the speculative results.

In lieu, of the speculative results, I may also invest in further testing via as they claim that they are the only company that can trace a branch of your family tree to one specific country/group instead of a vast region(s) as shown below.

After receiving my results I have utilized many of the features of the site and have begun building a family tree, reaching out to some of the DNA relative matches on the site, etc. I think that 23andme is a great starting point for researching my family's genealogy. Now on to birth records, developing out my family tree even further and making the connections as far back as possible within the US then abroad.

My next post will explore my Haplogroup L2a1 and what I learned about that aspect of my DNA. Stay tuned as my journey continues. 

Peace & Blessings,
Absolute Venus

Friday, January 24, 2014

Venus Dialogues | Miles Into the Future with Emjae

From east to west, Emjae is circumnavigating the globe bringing his art to fans worldwide. His passion for the craft inspires him to travel miles and miles, and to work with other likeminded artists to make #YDream a reality.

AbsoluteVenus: What inspires you to create music?
Emjae: Pretty much anything inspires me to create music. This world is so full of surprises it’s impossible to run out of inspiration. It could be something little as looking out your window or something big like a world event or issue. If you could connect and tap into what the world gives you, you’ll find inspiration and the result for me is creating music.
AbsoluteVenus: What projects are you currently working on?
Emjae: Right now I’m currently working on a few projects. One of them I recently completed where I collaborated with this new female R&B artist name Kizzy Amos I believe you’ll be hearing her name alot. The connection for that came out of Canada. I’m working on my own mixtape for the USA and overseas. I recently released an EP but, it was exclusively for my fans in Japan. I’m doing a lot right now for my team, making sure I help them with what they need and continue to be the leader for them. We all have something going on and I want to make sure they are successful with their goals so I’m there for them and always working. I also revamped the look for my website. It was released on Jan. 10th as well as the team website.

AbsoluteVenus: Are there any collabos (lyricists, producers, etc.) that you would like to mention?
Emjae: I just mentioned one artist Kizzy Amos R&B artist, the project I worked on with her is called “Feels Good” and it’s a very well put together song and that girl can sing! I’ll be looking forward to working with producer/Artist Dayy, Prestige, and MeccaGodzilla. Of course I’ll reach out to more of my peers so, hopefully I’ll be able to work with them at some point this year.
AbsoluteVenus: Where can hip hop heads hear/buy your music? What formats (i.e. MP3, CD, vinyl)?
Emjae: Right now my music is free and you can find my music on, there you can get to my music and even contact me for any special request. It’ll be in MP3 form.
AbsoluteVenus: Any upcoming concerts/performances?
Emjae: I have a good start to the year with performances. That’s pretty much where I gross the most is on my live shows. I started off with the Web release party in Milford on Jan 10th. I’ll be back overseas in February. I’ll be in South Korea on February 6th and I’ll be back in Japan on February 14th and still booking on the year so I’m happy with the progress and I’m even happier the people come out to see me perform, it really has been surreal but I’ve been very grateful.
AbsoluteVenus: Are there other projects that you are working on that you would like to mention?
Emjae: Yes, MeccaGodzilla and I are working hard every day to make our team #YDream as strong as possible. We are currently setting up Tours in Japan, Asia, and Europe. We are also working on tours in the USA as well. Hard work and determination with a good heart can get you to where you want to be. Peace and Love.
AbsoluteVenus: What are your official web/social media site(s)?
Twitter: @Emjaeonline 
Instagram: Emjaeonline

Monday, May 13, 2013

Venus Dialogues | The Prolific Scientific Large Professor

Extra P remains one of my top fave producers of all time. With a career spanning more than two decades, his works are intrinsic to hip hop culture. I had the fortunate opportunity to connect with Large Pro to discover what creations he has in the making.
Absolute Venus: Let the people know about the projects that you are currently working on.
Large Professor: I'm currently completing a full project with Cormega called "MegaPhilosophy", along with a new batch of songs for myself.  And as always, a gazillion other independent productions.
Absolute Venus: Are there any collabos with other artists (lyricists, producers, etc.) that you would like to mention?
Large Professor: Yes, I currently have a song with N.O.R.E called "Built Pyramids" that developed nicely.  Just got up with a new kid named Kaysito from the Bronx that's kind of ill.  

Absolute Venus: When you’re creating art, what inspires you?
Large Professor: EVERYTHING.  From how the sun shines, to the cleanliness of a room, to memories.  
Absolute Venus: In what ways (if any) has the rise of digital music/technologies transformed your creative process?
Large Professor: The digital age made archiving and storage a lot easier.  Where before you would have a 2" reel with 3 songs that took up a lot of space, you can now have a hard drive that can have hundreds of thousands of songs that can fit in your back pocket.  The ease of having everything in a laptop makes a lot of hard tasks from the past so much easier.
Absolute Venus: Who are your favorite artists out right now (in any genre)?
Large Professor: I like Lee Fields, the Truth and Soul Band and all of the artists that are keeping that "Soul" alive. 
Absolute Venus: Where can real heads find your music? What formats (i.e. MP3, CD, vinyl)?
Large Professor: Real heads can always find my music online, and if they dig, they can hit up vinyl record hip hop stores. 
Absolute Venus: Are you currently touring or doing shows?
Large Professor: Definitely.  Always doing sporadic shows and DJ gigs wherever the love is.
Absolute Venus: Outside of music do your have other creative/professional endeavors that you would like to mention?
Large Professor: Everything I do professionally is within musical parameters, from DJ'ng, Producing, A&R etc.  I knew early in my life I would be in the music industry.
Absolute Venus: What's your official web/social media site(s)?
Twitter: @PLargePro
Facebook: Large Pro

Love & Light,
Absolute Venus