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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Youtube Creator Rant | Frozen View Counts, Getting 100+ Subs, Copyright Rabbit Hole and more...

Refocusing on being a deliberate creator on Youtube after having a channel for 7 years, has been an interesting experience so far. In the month or so that I been creating content, I have encountered frozen view counts around the 300 or 301 magic number and have researched the fix. Also, the whole culture of having less than 100 subs and the benefits or lack there of at that level in the Youtube Creator Community has been challenging. Also, copyright to knows and the sub for sub culture of Youtube are also challenging. Here more about my experience so far here. If you are entertaining the idea of becoming a Youtube creator or reinvigorating your existing channel, I hope this information is helpful to you. Share your insights with me as well!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Venus Origins | My Blood Type and Vegan Diet

Does blood type matter? This is what I am pondering as I continue through my health and wellness journey. Explore more with me as I discuss my blood type A+ and my vegan diet. Want to know what your blood type is? I mention how I found mine out on the vid as well.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Venus Origins | My Ancestry Results (23andMe)

Greetings Visitors of Planet Venus:

In this series, Venus Origins: Exploring my DNA, I will take you on a journey with me in discovering my ancestral origins. As a being of African ancestry in America, lineage is extremely vital to learning more about my bloodline and from where my ancestors originated. So, first stop on that journey, to find the countries of origin for which my DNA is a match to the people of those regions. Check my video and below for my results.

The Process
Ordered Kit - it took a couple of days for it to come by mail, then a couple of days to 23andme to acknowledge receipt of the kit once I mailed it back. ~ 1.5 weeks
DNA Testing - 23andme analyses the sample and provides online updates throughout the six stage process. ~2 weeks
Preliminary Results - raw DNA data available at this time and select ancestry information including Haplogroup results. ~1 week
Full Results - Country of Origin information like show below is ready at this stage in the process along with additional features/tools including DNA relative matches. ~1 week

My Results
As you can see below, my ancestry is primarily from West Africa with a small potion of European ancerstry as well. There are also minute traces of other ethnic groups listed as well. The one caveat to these results is that 23andme has 3 levels of confidence in the results which are Speculative (50% confidence level); standard (70% confidence level); conservative (90% confidence level). The results that I am showing here are the speculative results.

In lieu, of the speculative results, I may also invest in further testing via as they claim that they are the only company that can trace a branch of your family tree to one specific country/group instead of a vast region(s) as shown below.

After receiving my results I have utilized many of the features of the site and have begun building a family tree, reaching out to some of the DNA relative matches on the site, etc. I think that 23andme is a great starting point for researching my family's genealogy. Now on to birth records, developing out my family tree even further and making the connections as far back as possible within the US then abroad.

My next post will explore my Haplogroup L2a1 and what I learned about that aspect of my DNA. Stay tuned as my journey continues. 

Peace and Blessings,


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Venus Reviews | Raw Vegan Tiramisu and Apple Pie

Tasty raw vegan desserts from Raw restaurant in Chicago! Sinking my teeth into Tiramisu and Apple Pie deliciousness.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Vegan pulled pork?! | Venus Reviews Upton's Bar-B-Que Jackfruit

Sounds strange but tastes soooooo goooooood! Take a look at BBQ jackfruit as a suitable substitute for pulled pork, vegan style!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Absolute Venus Reviews Vegan Ice Cream | Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy Flavors

Welcome back to my Planet, lovelies! Can you say maximum deliciousness?!!! These are that good. Take a look and let me know what you think, and if you have tried these. If not, what is your favorite ice cream (vegan or otherwise). Also, please like, comment, share, SUBSCRIBE.

Absolute Venus Vegan Protein Powder Review | plnt by Vitamin Shoppe

Take a look at my review of plnt by Vitamin Shoppe protein powder that I received in the Revive Influenster VoxBox that I received recently. Overall, I liked it and will use it in my vegan smoothies as a supplement.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Absolute Venus Unboxing the Revive VoxBox from Influenster!

Welcome Back to my Planet! Check out the awesome samples that I received from influenster for free for testing purposes. Click here to visit my Youtube Channel for more great videos, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE!

Inside the box is...

Shea Moisture Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Weightless Shampoo and Creme Rinse

The Vitamin Shoppe Protein Powders (3 varieties) 1 Vegan; 2 Whey

SnackWell's Biscuit Thins: Carmel Macchiato

Hills Bros., Chock Full o'Nuts, and Kaui Coffee pods

Bodytech Shaker Cup