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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Venus Visionaries | Ode to Malikah J.

Dedicated to Malikah J. for her support of my Youtube channel AbsoluteVenus. Enjoy sis, thank you for being a Venus Visionary.

Captivating by nature
Graceful is the way the maker made her 
Malikah, the essence of a queen
Ascendent of supreme beings
Likeness of a goddess
Innermost beauty, genuine and modest 
Kindred incarnations
Aspirations of nations
Higher manifestations
Jewel of all creations

Foundations of the present... 

Coils of time and space
Her wisdom and power within blooms
Mighty spirals sweep across her face
Adorning the crowns of suns and moons
Lightness of touch
Immaculate precision
Knowledge transcends eras 
Awareness births the vision
Happiness abound
Joy profound

Now and forever...

Building foundations
Interlocking generations
Words written in your honor
Inspiration may they garner
Visionary, welcome to my planet
Brightening our community as you landed 
Appreciative of your energy
Growing together in synergy
Fostering new beginnings
Futures filled with divine endings

AbsoluteVenus © 2017

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